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Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycles are an economical and enjoyable mode of transportation for many in Los Angeles. As enjoyable as this form of transportation is, it also has its downside. Motorcycles are more dangerous than any other motor vehicle because of their size and how motorists share the road. Car accidents are common, especially in Los Angeles, but motorcycle accidents can be deadly. After being involved in a motorcycle accident contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles.

How Common Are Motorcycle Accidents in California?

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, there are more than 8,50,000 total registered motorcycles in the state of California, more than any other state across the country. However, this means that California also has more motorcycle accidents than in other areas. During the latest reporting year of data, there were nearly 14,000 motorcyclist injuries and 488 motorcycle fatalities.

Motorcycle accidents are more likely to occur in urban areas such as Los Angeles. With such densely packed traffic, motorcyclists are left navigating around traditional passenger vehicles on a regular basis.

Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycles may be classified as vehicles, but motorcycle riders are considered vulnerable roadway users. The reality is that a motorcyclist has very little protection from the force of the vehicle slamming into them. At the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg, you can count on having a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney by your side who has helped clients through the following:

Los Angeles motorcycle accident victims are also likely to suffer from significant emotional and psychological harm in the event a severe accident has occurred. These injuries could require that a person undergo counseling and psychological therapy to make a full recovery.

Lane Splitting Is Legal

Motorcyclists use the same roads and obey the same traffic laws as other drivers. California has enacted a new law allowing motorcyclists to lane split. This means a motorcyclist can travel between cars on the lane line. There is of course a safe and dangerous way to lane split. Safety requires the attention of all drivers on the road, not just the motorcyclists. However, drivers do not always give riders the appropriate space and attention they need. Inattentive drivers who are stopped at an intersection may fail to see a bike approaching and can cause an accident. Los Angeles drivers know that lane splitting is legal in the state but too often do not pay attention or get upset when they see a motorcyclist approaching.

Road Rage

Unfortunately, being stuck in traffic and seeing a motorcyclist zoom ahead causes some drivers road rage. They become determined to seek revenge and end up causing an accident that could have been avoided. They will try to follow you and run you off the road just because you passed them. Road rage is a major cause of motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles and is something to look out for. When becoming the victim of a road rage incident contact the authorities immediately and stay clear of the driver.

Accident Insurance

Unfortunately, the insurance companies are unscrupulous and do not always respect accident victims and their legal rights. Their goal is always to keep payments at a minimum, or to deny claims altogether. In motorcycle accidents, injured riders and passengers may face an uphill battle fighting for just compensation. A Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer specializes in protecting your rights and ensuring you get the highest compensation possible after an accident. As a rider, you must ensure you have the appropriate coverage for your motorcycle.

Compensation For a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Claim

Victims of motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles are likely to incur significant expenses. At the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg, our personal injury lawyers will conduct a full investigation into your case in order to secure the compensation you are entitled to. This could include:

  • Full coverage of all motorcycle crash-related medical bills
  • Lost income if you are unable to work while you recover
  • General household out-of-pocket expenses
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of personal enjoyment damages
  • Property damage expense recovery

The total amount of compensation available for these cases will vary depending on factors related to each particular situation. This can include the severity of the injuries, the amount of a victim’s pain and suffering, whether a victim is able to work, and more.

Will a Lawsuit be Necessary For a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Case?

Most Los Angeles motorcycle accident cases are resolved between settlements with insurance carriers. However, if an insurance carrier refuses to offer a fair settlement or denies a claim, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit against the alleged negligent party. A Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg will handle every aspect of your claim for you. Even after a lawsuit is filed, these cases will likely be settled before they go to trial. However, our motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles will be fully prepared to take your case all the way to trial if necessary.

How a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney can Help

With over 35 years of experience with a motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles, Howard Kornberg can help. Immediately after your accident and receiving medical attention, contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles. They will thoroughly investigate your accident and claim.

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