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Los Angeles Aggressive Dog Bite Lawyer

California Aggressive Dogs Of the 4.7 million dog bite injuries that happen in the United States annually, the majority of them result from five breeds

  • Pit Bulls
  • Rottweilers
  • Huskies
  • Alaskan Malamutes
  • German Shepherds

These animals are all known for their potentially aggressive behavior. This is especially true of pit bulls, which account for more dog bite deaths than any other breed. Many of these attacks occur between animals and children, a fact that is mostly due to a child’s loud, playful nature that an animal might construe as threatening.

Holding the Defendant Accountable for a Dog Bite Injury

Upon seeking immediate medical assistance, the victim should contact a personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Howard C. Kornberg who is familiar with California’s strict dog bite laws. In this state, owners are held liable for their animals’ violent actions, and dog owners may be liable for punitive damages if they harbor a vicious animal with known aggressive propensities.

A lawyer will work on the plaintiff’s behalf to prepare the lawsuit and ensure that the damages awarded are equal to the pain and suffering caused during the attack. Being mauled by an animal can be extremely frightening and may cause years of anxiety, especially around large animals. Such fear can take a serious toll on the victim’s quality of life and may require psychiatric counseling to help the victim towards recovery. Howard Kornberg defends the interests of dog bite injury victims throughout California. His trial litigation skills are some of the best, a fact recognized in a renowned peer-review journal published by Martindale-Hubbell.

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Howard C. Kornberg is AV rated by Martindale Hubbell, the highest rating given to dog bite attorneys for legal trial skills and ethical standards.

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