Santa Ana Pedestrian Accident Attorney

When a pedestrian – which includes walkers and joggers – is struck by a car or other motor vehicle, catastrophic injuries are likely to ensue. Sometimes these accidents happen on or near a crosswalk, and on other occasions, the pedestrian was simply unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The fragile human body is no match for the metal frame and powerful engine of a car, truck, or other motor vehicles, meaning it should come as no surprise to learn that pedestrian accidents have a strong tendency towards fatalities.

Did you know that Santa Ana has seen more pedestrian fatalities than any other city in Orange County, for the past several years running? This is believed to be due to the volume of traffic using the city’s roads, combined with a lack of safe crossing zones.

If you, or a loved one, have been injured in a Santa Ana Our pedestrian accident attorney from the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg could be your key to recovering maximum compensation.

Pedestrian Accidents in Orange County – The Statistics

Santa Ana roads claiming the lives of more Orange County pedestrians than any other area in the county is just one of the key statistics you may be interested in. Over the three decades we have been practicing personal injury attorneys in the region, we have also learned that:

  • Most fatal Orange County pedestrian accidents affect older adults
  • You are most likely to be involved in a Santa Ana pedestrian accident after dark
  • 47% of fatal pedestrian accidents occur away from a crosswalk, meaning over half happen where pedestrians should be safe
  • 25% of pedestrian deaths happen on a crosswalk
  • The number of fatal Santa Ana pedestrian accidents has increased every year since 2010, consistently exceeding the statistics for other Orange County cities
  • Aside from Santa Ana, pedestrians in Anaheim, Orange, Huntington Beach, Westminster, and Garden Grove are most at risk of being injured or killed in an accident
  • Despite what you may initially think, drugs and alcohol contributed to just 6% of fatal pedestrian accidents, with excessive speeds causing just 4%

The most common types of Santa Ana pedestrian accidents, and resulting injuries, encountered by our attorneys, include:

  • Distracted or inattentive driving
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Traumatic brain injuries caused by collisions between a pedestrian and a motor vehicle
  • Sidewalk accidents
  • Crosswalk accidents
  • Wrongful death

How Could a Santa Ana Pedestrian Accident Attorney Help Me?

When you sustain serious or life-changing injuries due to the negligence or deliberately dangerous behavior of another, you could be entitled to recover compensation in respect of your pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of earnings, and other costs associated with your pedestrian accident. Our three decades of experience as esteemed Santa Ana personal injury lawyers perfectly positions us to help you recover the settlement you truly deserve, rather than a reduced amount offered by an insurance company.

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