San Bernardino Unfair Insurance Claims Attorney

You’ve seen numerous commercials touting that spending an ‘X’ amount of time will save you an ‘X’ amount on your car insurance. What you won’t see is the seedy underbelly of an insurer’s underwriting department. When you’ve signed on the dotted line, paying premiums is your only responsibility. The insurer, however, has specific practices they must follow.

When insurance companies break the rules, Howard Craig Kornberg, a highly educated unfair insurance claims lawyer, steps forward to hold nefarious insurers liable. Whether it’s an unfair billing practice or defrauding insured customers, my office has the capacity to sue them immediately.

What Constitutes ‘Unfair’ in Insurance Law?

Unfair practices aren’t uncommon in insurance nomenclature, although many paying customers are oblivious to these unfair actions. Simple agent typographical errors aren’t included in any unfair insurance claim, yet some of the following practices are:

  • Fraudulently billing customers for services they never requested
  • Completely misrepresenting coverage information to potential or current customers
  • ‘Accidentally’ forgetting to reveal terms of coverage
  • Refusing to investigate claims which are presented to them
  • Mishandling or complete disregard for insurance claims
  • Purposely forgetting to activate a new customers insurance policy
  • Intimidating clients by telling them they intend to sue them knowing no case exists.
  • Not disclosing conflicts of interest, should any exist.

California law prohibits the above activities. Insurers who are caught tampering or acting recklessly in regard to their insurance plan, whether it’s auto, commercial or medical, can be sued in court for damages, both punitive and pecuniary. You won’t often hear about bad faith insurance practices, but when they occur, you can guarantee Howard Craig Kornberg will be there to settle victim claims.

Signing up for any insurance plan binds both you, and the insurer, into a legal contract. When the insurer breaches their duty, it’s handled similarly to other legal contracts broken. Because tort laws get complex, trusting my firm to handle your claim would render unbelievably accurate results.

I’ll Hold Insurers to Their Promises.

When you have been seriously hurt in a car accident, the last thing you’ll want to encounter is a company that misrepresented a policy you’re looking to file a claim. This adds insult to your personal injury.

I’m an incredibly thorough San Bernardino unfair insurance claims attorney who knows all the tricks and gimmicks thrown at you by insurance companies. I’m fully aware insurance salesman will do anything to close their next client, which often means failing to convey information or putting extra services onto contracts that clients never signed up for. My job is to hold these companies accountable for failing to honor a product as it was presented to you.

If you’ve encountered one of these insurers, it’s best not to engage them directly. Part of their job is to make customers think their actions are completely justified, even though common sense dictates otherwise. Reach out to Howard Craig Kornberg, a proficient negotiator dedicated to bringing justice to victims of unfair insurance practices.

Bring your case to my office for a thorough review at no cost. Let’s bring this insurer to justice together.