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Passenger cars that have been assaulted by much larger semis or other commercial vehicles usually get demolished beyond repair. The passengers inside, too, find themselves either badly injured or deceased before medical attention is rendered. California is an unfortunate breeding ground for truck-versus-car accidents, most happening because either truck drivers are overtired, or undertrained.

I’d like to introduce myself, Howard Craig Kornberg, to victims and survivors of tragic accidents. To begin with, my apologies and/or condolences in advance. Nobody dreams of driving to work to earn money for their growing families, only to find themselves unable to work again because of another trucker’s inability to follow roadway laws. But now that we’ve met, and you’ve decided to retain the services of an expert truck crash lawyer, let’s start down the road toward settlement.

California Roadways are Full of Trucks

Because so many United States imports and exports leave from, and enter, Los Angeles’ port daily, the number of truck drivers picking up 48’, 53’ or tandem trailers grows every year. With such an incredible volume of trucking companies sending their CDL drivers to pick up these containers, accidents are bound to happen. When they do, the ramifications are far more devastating than when regular sedans and pickup trucks collide.

Federal laws stipulate drivers must have 10 hours of downtime for every 11 hours of service. They further cap weekly limits at 60 hours or 70 hours over 8 consecutive days. Trucking companies with remote access to driver computers can check logs and mileage, some being able to remotely shut down trucks to assure federal laws are followed. Does this always happen? No. Because fewer hours means fewer runs and lessened revenues.

Rule-breaking means someone doesn’t go home to husband or wife, children, or families. Because overexertion and improper truck operation create a perfect storm for accidents.

My Knowledge of Trucking Laws Settles Claims

Fighting trucking companies with little regard for accident victims isn’t for the weak or inexperienced. I’ve been a San Bernardino truck accident attorney long enough to discern facts from ‘insurer fiction’ quite accurately. I, quite frankly, exercise little remorse for the companies who are treating you, the victim or survivor, as anything less than human. They want hardball, Howard has an ingenious solution for that: bring your case into court, where juries will see your condition and fault, and award victims and survivors something that could demolish a company’s bottom line.

My preference is settling your case on our terms before entering a potentially lengthy trial process. Medical bills, loss of consortium (which now brings an injured spouse into the suit), pain and suffering, and whatever else juries find victims should be awarded could be given should your case head to trial.

Trucking accidents devastate the families of victims. That goes without saying.

If you’re in need of immediate legal representation because an at-fault trucking company wants to diminish your claim’s potential value, cut off communication with them and phone me, Howard Craig Kornberg, and I’ll use the law’s sharp sword to slice their attempt at hurting you further.