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I’m Skilled in Dealing with Car Insurers

Victims, or survivors, reading various parts of my website may already know they’re ready to proceed with their case. Some may be looking for reasons to hire me, so this passage is directed toward you. I’ve spent decades dealing with car insurers, many of which you’ve heard of. I know most tactics they pull when you’ve been hurt, and most involve protecting their pocketbooks. Car insurance companies would be trillion-dollar enterprises if they never paid claims, or weren’t legally bound by their own contracts. But they’re not. Big insurers or small, every company indemnifying motorists collects money every month from drivers like you. Howard Craig Kornberg’s my name. Either you’ve been injured, or you’re representing a decedent. I’m driven by results, which is why I’m never collecting money from victims before my skills have been proven. I WILL hold at-fault parties accountable for injuring you. I WILL fight for you, and I WILL NOT accept anything less than you and your family deserve given your circumstances. I’m offering no-cost motor vehicle accident evaluations, and I’m a phone call away from getting you compensated.