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Ridesharing may seem like a fun, forward-thinking method of obtaining transportation, but it definitely has its downsides. Lyft, a growing app-based ride-sharing company formed in 2012, is another installment into California’s gig economy, often forcing independent contractors to stay behind the wheel for hours at a time just to make a competitive weekly wage. This extended period behind the wheel means accidents are prone to happen.

Many know me as the Lyft crash lawyer capable of securing fair settlements for injured passengers and drivers of vehicles hit by Lyft drivers. I’m Howard Craig Kornberg, and my law offices never settle for ‘subpar’ compensation, especially when clients are hurt.

Lyft Accidents Follow Normal Accident Protocol

Although Lyft may pressure passengers of their commissioned ride share drivers to accept much smaller settlements than they deserve, the San Francisco-based company is no more above the law than a regular vehicle involved in a collision. Regardless of what liability policy or collision coverage they offer drivers, we’ll seek the largest possible settlement for any injured claimants we represent. Whether this means we litigate against the driver’s personal insurer, Lyft’s policy provider or the company themselves, we’ll get it done.

As with any accident, you should always follow protocol:

  • If you’re able to move, remove yourself from the wreckage and help other drivers and passengers to the best of your ability.
  • If you have a smartphone with a camera easily accessible, take as many pictures as possible. If you notice other snapping photos, request they send them to you.
  • Once the police arrive, cooperate fully. Never leave the scene of an accident, as this may discount your claim and quite possibly bring low-level criminal charges.
  • Seek medical attention immediately when the ambulance arrives. Follow their suggestions.
  • Phone me, a skilled San Bernardino Lyft accident attorney, so I may immediately begin working on your case.

The insurance adjuster from either Lyft or the driver’s personal insurer will contact you. If you’ve retained me prior to this call, you may simply refer them to me. Because you have injuries to attend to, I’m sure dealing with whatever unscrupulous activities the adjuster has in mind is the last thing on your to-do list.

Injured in a Lyft? Give Me the Call.

With over $700 million in annual revenue, Lyft may seem like Goliath when you’ve been involved in an accident at the hands of their drivers. This company is no different than a taxi cab, commercial truck, or other vehicles which caused personal injury to you; they’ll all settle claims the same. Because nobody likes appearing in court, settlement terms are usually based on our clients’ needs – not what’s convenient for them.

If you ordered a Lyft vehicle and were injured, if you were an innocent pedestrian hit by a distracted Lyft driver, or were a passenger seriously injured when a Lyft driver smashed into another vehicle, I’m here to help.

Get started by contacting the area’s most trusted San Bernardino Lyft accident attorney, Howard Craig Kornberg, at his law offices. There’s no fee to discuss your case.