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Semis hauling a fully loaded 53-foot trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. When higher weights pick up speed, almost anything they would crash into obliterates on contact. So, imagine the impact of 40 tons would have to hit a small passenger vehicle going 55 miles an hour. It would be devastating, at best. The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg have successfully settled cases like this, most of them being deadly.

A truck crash lawyer with decades of handling personal injury claims stemming from car accidents, I’ve never seen large trucks hitting cars and the results are anything less than devastating. My experience litigating these cases helps when consoling victims’ surviving families, and in turn, getting compensation for the losses that they deserve.

Trucks Cause Serious Injuries Quicker

Make no mistake: we’re not talking about Ford F-150’s, although they’re equally capable of creating roadway chaos. 18-wheelers, even without cargo, become nearly indestructible when certain speeds are achieved. The injuries are far more catastrophic than normal accidents, with some men and women being pronounced dead on the scene. These bigger trucks create serious injuries much quicker, and with more devastating ramifications.

With accurate litigation from a well-versed Riverside truck accident attorney, those involved in serious accidents can expect dedicated representation from start to finish. I’ll make sure your settlement is fair given your condition, and I’ll seek whatever punitive damages are available as allowed by the court. Victims shouldn’t have to suffer twice; don’t rely on poor representation and whatever tiny check the insurance company approaches you with.

Truck companies carry enough liability coverage to offset accidents such as yours. There’s no reason for them to short-change you, although they’ll tell you otherwise.

Sure, a certain level of proof must exist to win your accident case. However, injured persons usually don’t visit my office if they’re verifiably guilty. Establishing fault, foundation to support your claim, and gathering evidence is relatively painless, and with each piece I collect, your case becomes factually stronger.

The Kornberg Difference is Real

There’s an incredible difference between what victims can obtain without legal counsel, and settlements I’m able to make happen. The difference is thousands or more dollars left needlessly on the table because most victims aren’t trained in negotiation. I’ve worked long and hard to perfect my approach, and time and time again it pays off in truck accidents.

With my office, and my skills as your retained Riverside truck accident attorney, I’ll locate and hold accountable the perpetrator of your serious accident. I’ll phone everyone necessary to make your claim stick. I’ll bust my duff to prove your case in court, if necessary, which most trucking companies opt against since jury awards tend to be much larger.

If you’re injured, unskilled legal help won’t work. My office wants to survive loved ones and victims of truck accidents to be made whole, which means medical bills and lost wages must be paid. If you’re ready for negligent parties to pay their fair share, contact the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg.