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Motorists that claim bikers were “in their blind spot” or motorcycles suddenly appeared out of thin air are the main culprits of a vehicle versus motorcycle accidents. Because many bikers rely on their rides as their sole transportation source, ‘devastation’ understates the true losses motorcyclists experience after an accident. As an experienced attorney who knows what accidents are really worth, Howard Craig Kornberg fights until every penny you’re rightfully owed is paid.

Howard, a well-respected motorcycle collision lawyer known for his hard-nosed litigation style, works with insurance companies or drags them into court if necessary. Whatever it takes to make seriously injured riders financially whole again, expect Howard to work until the deal’s done.

Some Accidents We’re No Accident

Although it’s the victim’s burden to prove, sometimes accidents are intentional. When someone gets behind the wheel heavily intoxicated, with little control over their decisions, accidents can happen by choice. Motorcyclists don’t have much protection surrounding their bikes, meaning any time they’re hit – even slightly – a tragic accident can occur. Other motorcyclists intoxicated can do the same damage, too.

Those who managed to survive their motorcycle accident will undoubtedly be mad, not to mention badly shaken up. Once the police arrive on the scene to take a report and find the at-fault driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they’ll undoubtedly get carted away to jail. From there, injured bikers will want to get their injuries addressed, then depending on the time of day, may want to call an aggressive yet understanding Riverside motorcycle accident attorney.

Negligence in accidents where drivers were intoxicated is easy to prove; ‘intent’ may require more in-depth investigation. Howard Craig Kornberg will get to the bottom of all motorcycle accidents determine exactly what transpired, and why, before delivering his results to the insurance company to negotiate a settlement. Should the accident have resulted in death, intoxicated drivers may be charged with involuntary manslaughter on top of whatever civil liabilities they’re punished with.

Some motorcycle accidents don’t happen by accident, although many do. It takes every bit of skill and cooperation to discuss matters with law enforcement, witnesses, and insurance companies. Through Howard’s deep dive into your case, it’ll be determined exactly what direction to take the case. He’s definitely the Riverside motorcycle accident attorney most bikers trust when cases are complex.

Contact Howard, a Motorcycle Attorney for Bikers

California motorists populating roadways by the millions each day are responsible for motorcyclists when they pass them or encountered them in any manner. Provided motorcyclists are maintaining proper speed and properly switching lanes, they’ll be cleared of wrongdoing when accidents happen. There’s no reason why so many motorists negligently operate their cars or trucks and hurt bikers. But it happens regardless of how law-abiding motorcyclists are.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in joining California’s freeways or highways via motorcycle, Howard Craig Kornberg would like to hear from you. As your Riverside motorcycle accident attorney, you won’t pay a fee until your case closes successfully; if it doesn’t, you pay nothing.