Riverside Car Accident Attorney

With a growing United States economy, more drivers are able to afford cross-country ventures into the Golden State. This increase in travel means California’s highways, rural and urban, are inundated with drivers considering the already populated local traffic. And, as you probably guessed, more drivers mean more car accidents.

I’m Howard Craig Kornberg, a Riverside Car Accident Attorney. For decades, I’ve seen numerous road fatalities, multicar pile-ups, and now that the generation of technology has taken over, accidents where some form of technology played a role in seriously injuring or killing drivers and passengers.

California’s Office of Traffic Safety concurs. Distracted driving, inebriation, and speeding comprise the top three culprits of avoidable accidents, with 5,020 drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2016 alone.

Look, I could fill two websites full of statistics regarding traffic accidents in California. But somehow, I don’t believe you visited the car accident attorney Riverside drivers have trusted for years out of boredom.

You’ve been involved in a serious accident, or your loved one has been injured. And somebody must pony up.

Injured? Howard Craig Kornberg Settles Claims.

Some avoidable car accident happened to you. Whether you were driving your kids to soccer practice or picking up your date for a night on the town, someone recklessly operated their vehicle in a manner that caused your vehicle significant damage, and you’re badly banged up. You’ve done the dance with the police, providing them all the details prior to and after the accident. You’ve been medically evaluated, and it’s been determined you should probably visit the emergency room.

You’ve paid your insurance premiums on time for years. Figuring the insurance company will offer you a respectable settlement, you get released from the hospital to home, where you begin a long healing process. You’ll be out of work, which means bills will pile up, not to mention medical bills your health insurer won’t cover need paid. Little do you know, without a car collision lawyer, the post-accident nightmare is just beginning.

Your insurance company will undoubtedly call. The voice on the other line, a well-trained insurance adjuster, begins questioning you and treating you as if you’ve committed a crime. So, you hang up.

I’ve seen this rodeo play out more times than I care to discuss. An innocent victim is injured in a car accident, is trying to recover from their wounds, only to have an angry adjuster phone their residence trying to either implicate the victim or discount their injuries as ‘minor’. As your Riverside car accident attorney, it’s my job to build a wall between you and adjusters.

The Adjuster’s Game Is Weak. My Tactics are Strong.

There are usually two different types of adjusters sent to mitigate insurance company losses: a staff adjuster, who works directly for the insurance company, and an independent adjuster, who is generally subcontracted by smaller insurance companies. Regardless of which gets summoned by the insurance company, know in advance your interests are of little interest to them.

Claims adjusters perform three primary functions:

  • Gathers facts regarding the accident, including police reports and witness statements
  • Determine whether an accident is covered under the policy
  • Reduce their findings to a number, and pass that number to the insurer.

The communication they have with accident victims usually completes their first step. My office, retained before the adjuster has reached out to victims, can guide those who fear to say something that may incriminate them.

I know what insurance adjusters are trying to accomplish. Some of their best work comes when they’re able to catch victims out of their element, most of the time when they’re home trying to recover and maybe under the influence of medication. Hiring me as your Riverside car accident attorney drives a wedge between adjusters out for their own interests, and individuals who deserve a much higher settlement they’re being offered.

I’m a skilled negotiator. My strategies come from years of listening to victims’ needs and translating those to much more favorable settlement results.

Fighting for Injured Clients Since 1997

Now that you know my negotiation skills when dealing with insurance companies and their adjusters are ironclad, let’s get into why you visited the car accident attorney Riverside accident victims have trusted for over 20 years.

No accident victim should accept an apple for a settlement when the whole orchard is available to negotiate for. Many accident victims, not completely abreast of car accident law, will take whatever is offered, thinking nothing better is available. It’s hook, line, and sinker at it’s finest, which works well for insurers who don’t mind paying a pittance because they’ll eventually raise state insurance rates.

From start to finish, every case gets treated with the professionalism and knowledge you’d expect from an attorney consistently given an AV Preeminent rating, the highest one can achieve from Martindale-Hubbell. In the utmost ethical manner, accident victims can expect my team to get to the bottom of every accident claim, settling much more than individuals fighting insurance companies alone are able to get.

My job is to take extraordinary frustration and stress off your shoulders. Because let’s face it, you didn’t exactly pray for someone to injure you or destroy your only mode of transportation, so it goes without saying you’re probably anxious to get this ordeal settled and put behind you.

Hard Craig Kornberg is my name. Treating clients with honesty and integrity has been my game since 1997.

Types of Car Accidents I’ve Litigated

While passenger-car accidents comprise the largest part of my practice, not every vehicle accident happens in Toyota Corollas or Dodge Minivans. Because you want a car accident attorney Riverside citizens have turned to when they’ve been personally injured, I’ve learned to adjust my practice over the years to include the numerous types of vehicular accidents that may occur within various types of vehicles.

Below are some vehicular types of situations my office provides skilled litigation for:

  • Ridesharing accidents: Which occur not only in taxicabs but in new generation mobile app platforms like Uber and Lyft, which allow you to book a ride with a driver acting as a local independent contractor.
  • Commercial vehicle accidents: Which as the name implies happens when commercial trucks or other vehicles slam into other commercial vehicles or passenger cars.
  • Off-road vehicle accidents: This surprisingly not only includes four-wheelers but also Segways, golf carts, and other utility vehicles.
  • Bus and mass transit accidents: This can be tragic and affect more than one person or vehicle. I’ve been a Riverside car accident attorney for a long time, and every time I take bus and mass transit accident cases, I’ve done well settling for my clients.

Anytime you have one accident, an injured person, and one person clearly negligent, a personal injury case of some sort is born, regardless of what kind of transportation was used to cause a said accident. This means it’s completely possible two Schwinn bicycles could crash into each other, and one person could be held legally responsible for the other’s injury.

The one (and only) great thing about car accident cases? Most at-fault parties, and their respective insurer, aren’t willing to shoulder the expenses lengthy trials often incur. Therefore, many cases are settled before the court, especially when you mention Howard Craig Kornberg in any sentence where the terms ‘accident’ and ‘victim’ are present.

It’s like you mention Mr. Kornberg has this case, and everyone scatters. That’s how devoted and highly respected I am, because fighting for every penny accident victims deserve is my life’s work, and people have come to appreciate the fact I mean business.

I’m Ready to Hire You. What’s Next?

After resting from your recent car accident, you’ve finally decided it’s time to seek justice. If you’ve chosen me to represent you, let me extend my appreciation and my commitment to working hard in securing much-deserved compensation.

If you’re well enough to visit my office, I strongly encourage you to do so. However, I completely understand that sometimes serious injuries prevent human bodies from moving about, so we can discuss the particulars of your car accident over the phone.

Once I receive your case, I begin my investigative work along with my team. Were able to uncover facts, photos, witness statements, and other pertinent pieces of information you may have forgotten about. After we’ve built a rather thick file on your case, I’ll approach your insurer and their counsel to work out potential pre-trial negotiations. While I cannot fairly put a timeline on how soon you’ll receive compensation, just know I’m working as hard as diligently as possible to make the process as quick and painless as possible.

Should communication breakdown between my office and all other parties, I’ll file your case in court. Because of my expertise and knowledge of personal injury law, compensation may increase should the jury award you pain and suffering, medical bill payments, and lump-sum financial award. But again, I’ll never promise results because so many variables go into a jury’s decision should reach that point.

I’m Howard Craig Kornberg, a car collision lawyer committed to accident victims seeking justice against those who negligibly injured them. Contact me today for a no-cost, no-obligation review of your car accident claim.