Long Beach Uber Accident Attorney

In an attempt to lower costs of ‘black car services’, Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick founded UberCab, much to the chagrin of San Francisco taxi businesses. After receiving countless complaints, the multimillion-dollar app-based rideshare company dropped ‘cab’ from their name, become an instant success across the world. As with any vehicle roaming the streets, accidents happened, forcing those injured to hire Howard Craig Kornberg, a technologically friendly Uber Crash lawyer.

Honestly, injured folks aren’t concerned about who or what injured them. They’re injured, and someone must carry fault. That’s where my office steps in. I’ll hold any tech-based cab service, truck, Geek Squad car or whatever caused you pain responsible for their lack of roadway respect.

Are Uber Drivers Corporate?

Drivers vetted and hired by Uber essentially work independently. Although Uber divvies payments, whatever happens, off-the-clock or while drivers are empty doesn’t concern them; even when drivers pick up passengers, Uber only provides geographical mapping services via their app and customer support related to payments or app issues.

Independent contractors are today’s workforce, spreading from California to small areas around the world. They’re also held equally accountable for wrecking into other cars, injuring their passengers, or slamming into innocent pedestrians. Uber steps back into the fray when a go-getting Long Beach Uber accident attorney, such as myself, files claims against the liability policy triggered when drivers pick up their riders.

In the unlikely event, Uber puts the hundreds of thousands of Uber drivers on their payroll, I’ll be the Long Beach Uber accident attorney holding them individually accountable, or as much as California laws allow.

I’ve Been Injured by an Uber. What Now?

If you’re walking, driving, or riding shotgun in an Uber, find yourself injured because an Uber driver operated their vehicle incorrectly, there’s no better time than now to contact my office. Compensation is owed to you, and not because you’re greedy; it’s an entitlement once someone else causes personal injury. Plain and simple.

For us to legitimize and settle your claim, you’re strongly urged to:

  • Mentally, photographically and/or scribe your injuries and the incident. This may be difficult, so do your best.
  • Don’t flee. Absolutely, under no circumstance, should you phone your buddies and hightail out of there. Even if you’re completely innocent, this raises red flags and may disadvantage your claim.
  • Discuss, in detail, the events leading up to and after the accident with law enforcement. Again, if you’re feeling woozy or unable to recall everything, do your best.
  • Seek medical attention immediately, even if injuries aren’t life-threatening. Avoiding care may, again, cast your personal injury claim into doubt.

Finally, phone my office. You’ll need an expert Long Beach Uber accident attorney to handle this claim. Not because you’re obligated to, but because my office gets results. I’ll work night and day making sure the distracted Uber driver is held responsible monetarily, and if courts deem punitive damages are prudent, seek those as well.

Don’t let Uber drivers, or Uber themselves, lead you to believe their ridesharing app is any different than other vehicles. Contact my office today, and let’s get started on your accident claim.