Long Beach Serious Injury & Fracture Attorney

Vehicle dealer accidents, hard fall, and workplace accidents involving other individuals or equipment may cause bone breakages or other serious injuries. Permanent paralysis, loss of limbs, even death have occurred in these more violent accidents. As pedestrians, drivers and workers don’t set out to seriously injure themselves, the greater portion of these injuries stem from the negligent actions of others.

When you hire the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg, you put an experienced Long Beach serious injuries & fractures attorney in your corner to help hold negligent parties accountable for injuries that could potentially ruin your opportunity to earn a living or live any semblance of a normal life.

What’s worse than enduring a serious accident that fractured bones or caused severe head trauma? Finding out the insurance companies want to fight tooth and nail to provide victims a pittance for a settlement offer.

Types of Serious Injuries We Handle

Personal injuries will often cause different anatomical anomalies from something as simple as a broken finger to a major facial deformity. Because we know time is critical, we treat fracture, brain, and spine injury seriously.

What are the common reasons for bone or brain injuries? As our representation of injured folks has evolved, we have found most preventable injuries were, by far, incidents where an employer or other individual was grossly negligent. The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg finds these injuries are most common in:

  • Workplace accidents involving machinery that should’ve been locked out, or slick surfaces that work properly barricaded off.
  • Vehicular accidents at higher speeds involving larger trucks.
  • Motorcycle accidents where drivers simply didn’t see the motorcyclist; serious injuries happen regardless if personal protection gear is worn while riding.
  • Construction accidents where falls have been from distances greater than 10 feet or involving heavy machineries such as cranes or boom trucks.
  • Swimming accidents where pool owners, such as hotels, failed to keep areas closed off at night or lacked certified lifeguards.
  • Pedestrian accidents where vehicles failed to yield, causing impact trauma to the pedestrian’s legs, spine, or neck.

Burns, broken bones, severe cervical damage, and other disfigurements are common when workplaces, and some workers, simply failed to use common sense. We’ve seen many workplace accidents where following OSHA regulations could have saved someone’s arms, neck, and ultimately their life.

Call The Serious Injury Attorneys That Care

Depending on how the accident occurred, getting medical bills and other financial compensation settled can take time. We must collect medical evaluations, police and witness reports, and any other evidence that may help build a strong case against willfully negligent parties who caused a serious injury or illness to you.

Our goal as your Long Beach serious injuries & fractures attorney is getting you the maximum financial award possible for your condition, which may include having any outstanding medical bills paid for. Our services are contingent on performance, meaning if we cannot secure a favorable decision, you owe us nothing.

Contact our law offices today for your no-cost series injury and fracture case evaluation.