Long Beach Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Long Beach is a beautiful coastal city that bustles with tourists walking to entertainment and restaurants. Residents walk the dogs before or after work or take a job to let off energy from the day.  Lots of people choose to live in Long Beach as an escape from their jobs in downtown Los Angeles. Since Long Beach is comparatively smaller, people tend to lose their heightened sense of awareness. They tend to be more relaxed and less engaged with their surroundings, but that is far from what they should be doing; especially if you are walking.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Long Beach may not have the parking lot of highways, but they do have bustling streets that aren’t as sensitive to their fellow walkers as they should be. Long Beach has an increasing pedestrian accident problem. In fact, this is increasing all over California. The state has named September Pedestrian Awareness month to call attention to this ever-prevalent problem.

Since 2015, Long Beach Pedestrian Accident injuries increased by 25%. Authorities haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact reason why there is an increase, but anecdotal data suggests that with an increase in technology for both pedestrians and drivers, distracted walking and driving may cause people to be less attentive to the activity at hand. Other reasons are walkers and drivers who are drinking. IF you are walking while intoxicated your judgment is just as impaired as someone who is driving. The difference is, though, that drivers can cause worse damage.

Speeding is another reason why the authorities of Long beach believe that pedestrian accidents are increasing. Because people are distracted or intoxicated, may increase their speed and end up driving more recklessly than usual. Whatever the real cause, walkers are getting more than just hurt; they are dying. Once labeled the 10th most walkable city in the United States, pedestrians need to take extra precaution when choosing to go on foot.  They are most vulnerable to cars who speed, drivers who are distracted or intoxicated, or are driving unlawfully by driving in areas not allowed for cars. Long Beach desires to be a place for walking and biking, but with these increasing chances of getting hit, people are deterred from exercising their rights to these outdoor activities.

What To Do

Injuries from pedestrian accidents can vary. When a car hits an adult it typically hits their knees or lower legs. Then, depending on the severity of the hit, the car can catapult the car into the air. If children are hit they could get struck down and get caught under the car. The same could go for older more frail individuals. If you or someone you love is suffering from an injury as a pedestrian being hit by a car, you need to call our Long Beach Pedestrian Accident Attorney at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg. Call 310-997-0904 or click here for a free consultation. From walkers to joggers or children at play, we promise to fight for fair compensation for your injury.