Long Beach Construction Accident Attorney

Even though construction companies take necessary precautions to protect employees working within their job site, sometimes tragic accidents do happen because of a supervisor or company’s negligent actions. Those accidents manifest years of pain, financial and emotional distress, and even loss of intimacy with their spouse or loved one.

The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg litigates cases where construction companies, highway departments, and even federal job sites neglected their duty to protect their employees from slips, trips, falls, and poorly working equipment.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured, or someone’s construction-related accident led to their death, our Long Beach construction accident attorney to fight to get medical bills, current and future wages, even pain and suffering compensation.

Typical Construction Accidents We’ve Litigated

Accidents on construction sites are completely preventable, although a select few choose to cut corners in an attempt to save money. Our office has seen our fair share of construction injuries, with no to being identical in circumstance or end result. We treat every injured worker equally without respect to what value their claim may have.

Regardless if you’re wearing proper protective gear, serious brain injuries, spinal contusions, neck breakages, and paralysis have occurred in many of these construction accidents. Our attorneys have successfully litigated cases where:

  • Scaffolding was poorly constructed, causing it to collapse onto workers.
  • Heavy equipment hydraulics failed to perform properly, causing specific mechanical parts to injure workers nearby the equipment.
  • Trenches collapsed.
  • individuals slipped and fell in areas not properly identified as a potential danger.
  • Electrocution occurred when a supervisor failed to warn the worker of such hazards.
  • Materials elevated high in the air were not properly secured, injuring individuals below.
  • Chemical spills that were completely preventable caused significant skin burn.

We’ve handled these and many other claims where OSHA standards failed to exist. Our Long Beach construction accident attorney works hard to hold supervisors and construction companies accountable for their improper employee care.

Owners, architects, and others involved with construction sites may have some level of liability should you become seriously injured while working on their construction site. We can identify, negotiate with, or bring to trial third parties along with supervisors or foremen.

Let’s ‘Build’ Your Construction Injury Case

Because there are numerous parties that may have liability involved with construction safety, litigating construction-related accidents can become complex. And complex cases require competent legal counsel capable of securing a favorable settlement or jury award.

The California Department of Industrial Relations, in tandem with OSHA, will often investigate major construction accidents on their own, although their final determination may not be favorable to injured workers. As injured workers or loved ones of those injured are more than welcome to file OSHA complaints, our law office can assist with recovering compensation and dealing directly with state and government agencies to create a safer construction site for future workers.

Intelligent attorney assistance is available at The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg. With over three decades of trial experience, put our construction expertise to work for you.