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Making use of a bus service, whether that be those operated by the municipality, school buses, or other privately-operated buses, it will be clear to you that this mode of transport offers a more affordable means of getting around Inglewood and nearby areas, as well as being more environmentally friendly than each of the passengers driving themselves from A to B. Of course, buses are simply larger road vehicles and, as such, can become involved in accidents and collisions from time to time. While bus accidents are significantly less frequent than car, motorcycle or other types of traffic accidents, there can be some serious and even fatal injuries inflicted when one does occur.

At the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg, our personal injury lawyers have over three decades of combined experience in successfully handling cases relating to bus accidents. While some bus accidents are, of course, genuine accidents, there are numerous others which happen only due to the negligent or deliberately dangerous actions of another motorist. If this applies in your case, we will do our utmost to ensure you recover the maximum compensation available to you.

What Type of Injuries Are Caused by Bus Accidents?

When a bus crashes, the passengers, nearby pedestrians, and other motorists are all at risk of injury. As every scenario is different, there is no definitive guide to the potential injuries arising from a bus accident, but some of the most common ones we tend to encounter while representing clients just like you include:

  • Head, neck & back injuries: These tend to be the most frequently occurring bus accident injuries. Passengers onboard the bus can be particularly susceptible, as the impact can cause their heads to snap backward or forwards suddenly, oftentimes striking the window, seat in front, or handrail. Some of the specific injuries in this category are whiplash, nerve damage, traumatic brain injury, and spinal damage
  • Chest injuries: These injuries tend to be inflicted when a seat belt or similar restraint tightens to avoid more severe damage being sustained. Common chest injuries include fractured or broken ribs, collapsed lungs, or internal bleeding
  • Emotional injuries: It is important to bear in mind that not all injuries are physical. When you hire an Inglewood bus accident attorney to handle your case, we will ensure that any emotional trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder, is taken into consideration while pursuing compensation

Proving Liability Following a Serious Inglewood Bus Accident

This is the main question which your Inglewood lawyer will seek to answer definitively while investigating your case. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, liability may lie with the bus driver, another motorist, the municipality, or the manufacturers of a defective vehicle part or component. As you may imagine, proving liability can quickly become complicated and, as such, is best left to a qualified, experienced, legal expert.

To discuss how an Inglewood bus accident attorney could recover the compensation you are entitled to, schedule your free initial consultation by calling us today on 310-997-0904.