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Negligence is the sole perpetrator of wrongful deaths. If it were accidental or self-inflicted, it would be named accordingly. So many ways exist which could lead to an innocent person’s demise, but if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve lost a loved one. It doesn’t matter how, or why, because all you want is the perpetrator brought to justice. This is where Howard Craig Kornberg, a skilled Glendale wrongful death attorney, springs into action.

Whether at work or during the commute back home, wrongful deaths occur without rhyme or reason. An impaired driver may have cannonballed into your spouse’s car, or an employer was too cheap to fix broken equipment and caused your loved one to perish. Whatever the case, Howard’s the man you want litigating your wrongful death suit.

The Claims Filing Process

A spouse or significant other, surviving children, or parents may file wrongful death action against at-fault parties. When filing this claim, a greater standard of proof may be required by courts, which is why many find it useful to use Howard Craig Kornberg during this horrific wrongful death suit.

Because you’ve lost a loved one, and know it was due to another’s actions, those two elements do not need a great standard of proof. Proving negligence or intent is the hardest part of the case, which again is why fighting these claims without competent counsel by your side may render the results you’re not looking for. With a wrongful death lawyer working on your case, chances are much greater than your claim will be settled in a timely fashion.

Two types of damages, noneconomic and economic, will be fought for during your trial. The latter involves actual monetary losses, such as wages and medical care; the former involves the destruction of lifestyle and emotional suffering. A potential jury award would be a combination of both, although settlements Howard is able to achieve will also include economic and non-economic compensation.

Another type of monetary claim, loss of consortium, allows widowers to receive compensation for losing the right to enjoy their spouse, both romantically and platonically. Finally, bystander distress could be another viable claim, although the loved one would need irrefutable proof they witnessed the event.

Lost a Loved One? Call Howard.

Because California imposes a two-year statute of limitations on raising unlawful death claims, there is little time for survivors to waste. The sooner your retained Glendale wrongful death attorney can begin your case, the sooner survivors such as yourself begin the process of seeking closure.

There’s no excuse for negligence at work, during vacation, while driving down a California highway. Unfortunately, the only actions we can control are our own. Whether it’s alcohol-induced, or an attempt to cut corners, negligence is far too commonplace in today’s society. It causes the unnecessary loss of loved ones, which is what brought you here today.

Immediate case evaluation at no cost, contact Howard Craig Kornberg at his law offices today. Remember, services are offered on a “no recovery, no fee” basis.