Glendale Unfair Insurance Claims Attorney

Regardless of who your insurance company is, there is an implied covenant of fair dealing wrapped into every dotted line insured driver’s sign-on. This means that by providing an insurer with your monthly premium, they will act in good faith by upholding the very terms they set forth. While most accident claims get paid without incident, some adjusters and even agents find ways to breach their own contracts.

I’m Howard Craig Kornberg, a well-known Glendale unfair insurance claims attorney fighting for the rights of insured drivers. When big insurance companies act in poor faith, policyholders are well within their rights to bring legal action for breach of contract and covenant. I’ve held major insurers, even smaller outfits, accountable for failing to uphold their promised to fairly pay claims.

Examples of Bad Faith Insurance Dealings

Unfair claims practices aren’t uncommon. In fact, many car crash lawyers would be unemployed if insurance companies overpaid your claims. The problem isn’t always paying the claims, it’s recognizing they exist. Indeed, some agents will ‘cook the books’ in an attempt to misrepresent the claim, and its value, to avoid payment. Sad is it seems, Howard has dealt with duplicitous insurers fairly often throughout his career.

Common examples of bad insurance dealings include:

  • Misrepresenting types of coverage insurer drivers will receive or circumventing nonexistent policy stipulations.
  • Selling fictitious coverage and making false promises about claims payments.
  • Failing to pay suits brought by insurer drivers in a timely manner.
  • Failing to make required payments on time, if at all.
  • Failing to indemnify the insured, including the payment of benefits promised.

Insurance companies are contractually obligated to hold their end of the deal. After all, people who suddenly became injured faithfully paid their car insurance premiums for decades, so why are they being shortchanged or mistreated?

Retaining the services of a Glendale unfair insurance claims attorney could uncover further activities not only unethical but illegal. Holding insurers with billions in assets accountable for their wrongdoings takes bold legal representation, which is what Howard Craig Kornberg is known for.

Claim Denied? The Clock is Ticking.

If you submitted a legitimate claim, and it was wrongly denied, filing an appeal may not be necessary if we’re able to prove nefarious intent in denying this claim. The most important component of holding an insurance company liable for further unfair practices is time. Civil procedures leave little wiggle room in terms of how long we have before filing suit becomes unavailable. We need every minute available to us for investigative efforts, which can take a few days or several months.

Being a victim of a car accident is bad enough. You shouldn’t have to deal with an insurance company that fails in its duty to protect you and your interests. Howard Craig Kornberg is able to identify contractual breaches relatively quickly and can hold insurers accountable for their malpractice.

How victims are represented in insurance claim suits says a lot about their desire to win. Picky accident victims choose Howard Craig Kornberg, a results-driven Glendale unfair insurance claims attorney working hard to settle cases fairly.