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When shoppers flock to brick-and-mortar and online stores, the products they purchase have an insurance policy attached to them. It’s true. As the root of the word “insurance” is indemnity, manufacturers are indemnifying their products as having no defects, and safe for human use or consumption. When these products leave the manufacturer with defects, the indemnity is broken.

As a top-notch product liability lawyer and consumer, Howard Craig Kornberg knows the importance of safe products. From pharmaceuticals to children’s toys, manufacturers have quality control departments to assure potential defects are worked out early during the production process. When products reach retail shelves with potential harmful defects, grounds for the lawsuit has been established.

Product Liability Cases are Serious

You may have heard about the infamous Takata airbag recall due to injuries sustained to scores of drivers. The Japanese automobile component manufacturer, attempting to surreptitiously mass-produce airbags to increase profitability, lost billions because they cut corners. With a little extra quality control and better craftsmanship, the company could’ve saved the trouble of reproducing billions of airbags free of charge.

This is one example of product liability issues Howard handles. Drug companies that knowingly and willingly produce medication without honest disclosure of potential side effects are held responsible by Mr. Kornberg, a Glendale product liability attorney. If it’s produced and ends up harming consumers, Howard will bring individual action or certify a group for class action litigation.

Whether it’s something simple as a Blu-ray player spontaneously combusting, or something complex as traces of arsenic found in baby formula, you’ll need competent representation to feel vindicated, while fighting for punitive damages so that others are affected as you were.

Interestingly enough, humans aren’t the only ones affected by faulty products. Injuries to pets, real estate, utilities that customers use, even architectural blueprints can be litigated for damages in court. Proving breach of duty caused injury to the aforementioned may seem difficult for the layman, but Howard Craig Kornberg masterful litigation process unveils the truth and gets victims paid.

Victimized by Products? Give Howard Your Case.

There are three distinct angles Howard can use in litigating your product liability case: negligence, often caused by careless engineering or poor production processes; breach of warranty, which can be expressed either written or orally; and strict liability, meaning regardless of how careful consumers are when handling products, a product defect holds the buyer harmless and the manufacturer liable for damages. All three components need not be present for a case to succeed.

Manufacturing, marketing, or design flaws can cause serious injuries, even death. Howard Craig Kornberg, a highly-skilled Glendale product liability attorney known for fierce litigation of product injuries, can take victims’ claims and settle them prior to court action. If common ground cannot be found during the negotiation process, he has no problem commencing court proceedings.

If products you trusted suddenly victimized you, contact Howard and his team today. There’s no fee for a consultation, and if we take your case, you’ll owe us nothing until your case settles.