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Victimized by Products? Give Howard Your Case.

There are three distinct angles Howard can use in litigating your product liability case: negligence, often caused by careless engineering or poor production processes; breach of warranty, which can be expressed either written or orally; and strict liability, meaning regardless of how careful consumers are when handling products, a product defect holds the buyer harmless and the manufacturer liable for damages. All three components need not be present for a case to succeed. Manufacturing, marketing, or design flaws can cause serious injuries, even death. Howard Craig Kornberg, a highly-skilled Glendale product liability attorney known for fierce litigation of product injuries, can take victims’ claims and settle them prior to court action. If common ground cannot be found during the negotiation process, he has no problem commencing court proceedings. If products you trusted suddenly victimized you, contact Howard and his team today. There’s no fee for a consultation, and if we take your case, you’ll owe us nothing until your case settles.