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If you have been injured in an accident in the State of California without any fault then you have the personal injury case, Contact an experienced Glendale personal injury attorney at The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg, who fights for your rights and looking your best interest. Call at 310-997-0904 for a free initial consultation.
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On behalf of Howard Craig Kornberg and his team, we like to extend our deepest sympathy that you endured a personal injury. While we’re unclear exactly what transpired to put you in physical, financial and emotional pain, it’s enough for us to know that you’re going through a traumatic experience. Your employer, some property owner or perhaps your landlord was negligent in their duty to protect you. This much we know already.

For many years, Howard has been an effective Glendale personal injury attorney, compassionate yet pragmatic in his approach to fighting for compensation for victims such as yourself. While those he’s fought against may attempt to undermine the seriousness of your injury, hard-hitting Howard and his team aren’t in the business of coddling those who hurt you. They have a job, and do it quite well.

You’ll Never Meet Another Like Howard

It’s obvious many hire attorneys in personal injury cases because their knowledge of civil laws and procedures are limited, and fighting against major insurance companies and corporations can be intimidating. Besides, you’re not searching this website hoping to find cookie recipes. You’re hurt, and simply want paid, period.

Howard Craig Kornberg, relentless in his pursuit of holding negligent parties accountable for actions they could’ve prevented, is well-respected by past clients and other colleagues for his unwavering loyalty to victims needlessly injured and suffering unwarranted physical pains and financial losses. He’s been the Glendale personal injury attorney dreaded by opposing insurers for many years because his tolerance for willful negligence, and the accidents it causes, is nonexistent.

Only once per generation will you find an attorney that comes across as your best friend. Who fights for you during times when there’s no fight left inside you. Who’ll gift-wrap a favorable settlement for injured persons, and do so with a smile on his face. That, my friends, is Howard Craig Kornberg, an attorney for the people who exemplifies personal injury litigation.

I’ll Hire Howard. How Does This Work Again?

You undoubtedly have questions. Some that frequently swirl in victims’ minds include:

  • How long does it take to settle?
  • Does my personal injury qualify?
  • What information do you need from me?
  • Will I be retaliated against by my employer or company for filing suit?
  • Will someone turn around and sue me?
  • Can I get my wrecked vehicle paid off?

Many of your questions have no set answer. Each case is as unique as the victims who bring the claims to us to litigate. We can tell you that if you retain Howard as your Glendale personal injury attorney, him and his team roll up their sleeves and get to work immediately. They’re confident enough in their abilities to litigate your claim that they’ll never request one penny from you upfront. By providing services to victims based on contingency, they’re challenging themselves to push harder for victims.

As some of your questions may be answered during a consultation, you’re encourage to schedule yours free of charge with Howard and his personal injury team.