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Motorcyclists are easily the most vulnerable California highway travelers mainly due to their limited safety features. Regardless of how skilled the rider, accidents are bound to happen because drivers in California are just too negligent to care about their surroundings. Victims of motorcycle accidents, should they survive, will undergo months if not years of healing and loss of income.

I’m Howard Craig Kornberg, a motorcycle crash lawyer with a solid track record of successful litigation against drivers and their insurers. My success rate in settling motorcycle accident claims speaks for itself, as many new clients have come to my office by word of mouth.

Motorcyclists Already Face Risks. Why Add More?

Regardless of how many signs or commercials Californians view, there’s always a select group of inattentive drivers traveling our state’s many scenic roads. Whether they’re passing motorcyclists but not properly signaling or giving them enough room, or deliberately ramming into motorcyclists while they text their best friends, motorcyclists view other drivers as their biggest risk exclusive of skill level.

Passenger cars have seatbelts, airbags, steel frames, and an instrument panel to lessen the impact of auto accidents. Motorcycle riders have only their helmets, clothing, and quick reflexes to protect themselves from other drivers. It doesn’t amount to a whole lot. This is why many serious motorcycle accidents and in permanent injury or death.

As your Glendale motorcycle accident attorney, my job is to expedite and simplify the accident claims process. Not only do I help settle claims for what victims deserve, but I also help surviving family members pick up the pieces by fighting for additional compensation to help offset future income lost should the motorcyclist decease during the accident.

Just in 2015 alone, over 88,000 motorcyclists were injured across the United States, nearly 5,000 of those losing their life. Fatalities doubled from their 2014 figure, more than likely stemming from the growth of technology usage in cars. Paying a little closer attention may prevent many of these accidents, although data isn’t available to support this theory, common sense does.

Every day when motorcyclists hit the streets, they risk personal injuries. Not by their own admission, but because so many drivers failed to look both ways or are careless when changing lanes. Find a solution to ending driver negligence, and many motorcyclists’ lives will be spared.

You Know the Name. Hire Him Today.

I’ve built a successful practice based on trust and a results-driven approach to settling cases. Motorcyclists will have enough to worry about after being injured; why what I charge them for unfulfilled services? As the Glendale motorcycle accident attorney chosen by so many over the years, I’m confident in my ability to provide fair settlements for injured motorcyclists or survivors of decedents. Period.

My consultation costs nothing. When I take your case, it’s on the contingency that I will provide effective litigation of your claim and collect only when it settles. If I cannot help motorcyclists get compensated for their horrific experience, my services and efforts cost them nothing.