Glendale Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

You’re searching for an attorney because you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Unhappy with search results so far, you stumble upon Howard Craig Kornberg, a well-renowned Glendale motor vehicle accident attorney. As you read through the many accident services he offers, a feeling of relief consumes you, because finally, you realize there’s an attorney whose interests expand well past their own.

For many years, Howard Craig Kornberg has defended accident victims against predatory insurers wanting nothing more than to protect their own pockets. Recovering medical bills, loss of income, and consortium, along with pain and suffering is what Mr. Kornberg does best. Although no two results are the same, he can promise every case will receive his undivided attention.

Motor Vehicle Pains Can Be Excruciating

Wounded drivers who sustained rear-end collisions may get jolted forward, causing an unexpected jerk in the lower back area. Some crashes can throw victims sideways while still buckled in, with even more causing upward jerking motions. When your back gets shifted out of place, the pain can be excruciating.

Injured in an automobile accident? Discomfort starting to alter your way of life? You don’t have to suffer whiplash, sciatic nerve distress, TMJ, or lower back problems without being compensated for your injuries. Contacting the motor vehicle crash lawyer that truly cares, Howard Craig Kornberg, will render results beyond your wildest dreams.

Don’t kid yourself – automobile accidents have ramifications other than insurance premium hikes. Pains connected to accidents, if left untreated, may cause permanent debilitating injuries many may never recover from. Managing pain, especially associated with whiplash, TMJ, spinal cord injuries, and damaged vertebrae take years of medical treatment and physical therapy which costs money. This is money that many may not have available, which is why Kornberg and his team fight for every penny they can get, and then fights for more.

Broken bones, temporary paralysis, and trauma to the head and neck area are other concerns accident victims need to address, but without proper settlement money, it may be more of a dream than reality to get these areas cared for.

At-fault drivers without adequate vehicle insurance may be held personally liable for whatever shortfall insurance doesn’t cover. If at-fault drivers are indigent, victims must rely on their own uninsured motorist limits to help settle what the other party couldn’t. But at the end of the day, you’re injured, experiencing pain, and could care less who settles as long as someone does.

Professional Handling of Accident Claims

Howard Craig Kornberg not only litigates motor vehicle accidents, but he also does so with professionalism. His unique ‘by the books’ approach to handling claims brought to his office makes a world of difference for victims like yourself seeking intelligent representation.

If you’ve been victimized by another driver, with like for Mr. Kornberg to look at your case, contact his office immediately. Because he’s the Glendale motor vehicle accident attorney chosen by many, you’ll be in good hands and not pay a dime until your case successfully settles.