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Injured by a dangerous condition of someone else's property? Our San Bernardino premises liability attorney Howard Kornberg helps to claim compensation for injured people staying at hotels, renting apartments, swimming at public or private pools, even eating at restaurants.
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Left to their own devices, property owners would undoubtedly cut corners to save money. However, laws and local ordinances were enacted to deter unreasonably dangerous conduct while promoting the taking of reasonable precautions when others dwell on property they own. For example, property owners may cheaper wood when fixing stairs, instead of using a premium grade or a much stronger material altogether.

When property owners entertain guests, charge for extended or temporary stays, or allow equipment such as pools or trampolines to be used, they’re taking personal liability. They’re promising you’ll be okay. However, as a San Bernardino premises liability attorney, I can tell you these promises rarely get honored.

I’m Howard Craig Kornberg, and I defend injured people who were staying at hotels, renting apartments, swimming at public or private pools, even eating at restaurants.

Unsafe Conditions Lead to Serious Injuries

Slip and fall incidents account for 15% of all unintentional deaths, second only to car accidents. These types of accidents, which generally happen when a slick or uneven surface are uncared for, are common in my practice. Over the years, I’ve seen how even the slightest fall creates a world of uncertainty for victims.

Premises liability isn’t optional. Property owners don’t get to choose whether they protect those who they invite into their domicile, especially if money is changing hands for services such as an overnight stay. It’s an unfortunate reality that so many people bring injury accidents to my office because a property owner simply didn’t care.

Property owners are also liable for any amenities they offer, such as saunas or laundry facilities. They’re responsible for the structures they allow you to enter, meaning roofs that cave in on guests would be on their shoulders.

Simply put, serious injuries happen when property owners choose negligence over sensibility in caring for their property. Most premises injuries are avoidable with simple precautions that some business owners simply don’t care to take.

My Office Settles Premises Injury Cases Fairly

When folks are injured, negligence is usually the only litigable angle. We’ll take your statement, and those of witnesses, along with any photographs of the aftermath we can conjure, to build a rock-solid case against the premises owner. Businesses will have a liability policy, and homeowners will generally have premises liability written into their coverage. If not, I’m the San Bernardino premises liability attorney fearless in holding property owners personally liable.

In personal injury law, an infinitesimal portion of claims settle inside court. Jury awards tend to be much greater, and most business owners know this. It makes good financial sense for them to meet our settlement demands, as opposed to those which may be imposed by California court.

Slips and falls injuries inflicted by falling debris, electrocution, you name it. My office has taken, and successfully litigated, a myriad of personal injuries which occurred on another’s property. If you’ve been injured, and feel you have no recourse, contact the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg.

I’ll always evaluate your case free of charge.