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All around California, residents and vacationers will notice construction projects seem to never end. New high-rises, strip malls and large housing additions constantly get erected to accommodate the growing California populace. With even the smallest of construction sites, serious bodily injuries or death are possible. Most of the time, these avoidable incidents happened when construction site owners, even third parties, are negligent in their duty to keep construction workers safe.

I’m Howard Craig Kornberg, an expert San Bernardino construction accident attorney defending those injured in construction-related accidents. Getting victims compensated so they can begin working again is my goal, and one that my office achieves often.

60% of construction-based injuries happen within a worker’s first year on the job, and the construction industry is the number two killer of employees under 18 across the nation. It is unknown if negligence contributes to these deaths, but we’ve had our fair share of claims stemming from injuries or deaths on a construction site.

Construction Workers Deserve Safe Work Zones

Most construction sites have scores of workers performing different jobs, from laying bricks to running electric wiring, even carrying shingles up scaffolding. Many sites have dozens of hourly employees trying to make a living, so why is it so hard to give them a safe work place? Project managers, or in smaller settings the site owners, are responsible for the safety of its workers and all machinery on the job site. When these much higher paid supervisors display a reckless regard for worker safety, injuries are bound to happen.

I’m the attorney called upon to litigate for injured workers. I know the importance of California’s infrastructure and housing, and am often first to give thanks to the construction workers who made it happen. When injuries, or deaths, occur on a construction site, you can count on Howard Craig Kornberg to fight for compensation or survivor benefits owed to those who suffered needlessly.

Everyone deserves a safe workplace. Construction zones are no different.

I’m Your Construction Accident Advocate

To get the construction project done right, you need skilled workers. To get injured workers compensated, only a skilled San Bernardino construction accident attorney will suffice. I’m able to take all information surrounding your injury, perform my own investigative work, and bring your claim to the project owner and their insurer for compensation. I do not settle for pennies, because quite frankly, your injury is worth well more because you have medical bills and financial responsibilities that do not cease because you’re injured.

Worker’s Compensation benefits may be available. If a third party was involved in your accident, a civil suit would also be proper. If your accident caused the company to fire you, that’s another beast altogether because employer retaliation in California is illegal.

Negligence-based construction site injuries are hard to fight without experienced legal representation. My office handles numerous claims, and treats every injured person with respect and dignity. My consultations are free, and I’m able to settle cases based on your needs, and not those of the insurer or construction site owner.

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