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Retail establishments are constantly flooded with new products manufactured with ease, convenience and forward-thinking technology in mind. We grow up trusting certain products, swear by items because they withstand the test of time, and often purchase products simply because they’re intriguing.

One thing consumers don’t expect are products that enters mainstream retail to hurt us. Unfortunately, we see it every day: products that are recalled due to choking hazards, made with specific irritants or may cause serious personal injury when used.

Howard Craig Kornberg, a battle tested Long Beach product liability attorney, holds manufacturers accountable for their lack of quality standards. Because even the simplest defect in power tools could seriously injure construction workers, for example, our office takes product injury claims seriously. If numerous people are injured within our practice area, were not opposed to filing class action suits.

We Litigate Design or Manufacturer’s Defects

Products, before they’re sent to production then introduced to retailers, are supposed to undergo a rigorous quality control process. This allows any defects to be reengineered, or potential design flaws to get reworked. Unfortunately, some manufacturers skimp on their quality process, which is why you often see product injuries in large numbers.

The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg employ product liability attorneys will understand the necessity for child, household and consumable product efficacy. We hold manufacturers, dealers, distributors, even retailers who ignore product recalls accountable for products that injure innocent people who pay good money to use them.

Some product liabilities we deal with include:

  • Electronics fires caused by poor circuitry.
  • Products that cause electrocution when used, primarily those requiring a battery or UL listed cord.
  • Poorly designed infant furniture, such as swings and cribs.
  • Defective automobile parts or equipment, such as airbags.
  • Defective propane tanks that explode or have other defects affecting their performance.
  • Dangerous drugs or medical products, such as implants or prosthetics.
  • Power tools which, when used, explode or somehow injure the operator.

Our office will tap into a network of outside analysts and product specialists who can help further build our case against companies circumventing poorly constructed products.

Products May Fail You, But We Won’t

The product liability litigation process is often lengthy, mentally tiring for all parties, and may cause those that are injured further financial distress if cases aren’t settled satisfactorily.

California and federal laws require a certain standard of proof for us to prove your product liability case. First, we must prove consumers used the product according to manufacturer’s direction. Then, we must prove that using said product according to direction caused a personal injury to the individual using it. Finally, we must prove the court has the ability to hold the manufacturer liable financially, and punitively, for injuries sustained through their own products.

At The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg, we refuse to fail consumers who’ve already been failed by the products they trusted. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation, let’s hold these manufacturers accountable for their failure to uphold higher quality standards.