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If you or a loved one has been injured in a dog attack resulting in personal injury, and need a Glendale Dog Attack Attorney, The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg can help. We have represented clients in dog bite injuries and can help you get the compensation you deserve.
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Dogs tend to be protective by nature. It’s in their DNA. But in personal injury law, the fine line between protecting premises, and violently attacking pedestrians walking down the street, or neighbors who are taking out their trash. Negligent dog owners who don’t properly care for animals, or keep them restrained, be held responsible by a Glendale dog attack attorney named Howard Craig Kornberg.

For many years, he’s handled numerous premises liability incidents such as dog attacks. Even the smallest of breeds can cause serious personal injury, requiring months away from work. Since it’s not legally feasible to bring dogs into court to testify, property owners are often held responsible either personally, or through their home insurer.

The Popularity of Dog Attacks

An estimated 4.5 million people are bitten by various dog breeds each year. Rottweilers and pit bulls, the two deadliest breeds, account for the most deaths annually nationwide. Because California is so populous, it’s not uncommon to see dog owners walking their pets through parks, or keeping them close by while they sit outside on the porch. Because the aforementioned breeds are rather strong, it’s not hard to lose control of these dogs without notice.

Dog bite injuries carry the same standard of proof as any other personal injury. My office works hard to build your case based on evidence presented by the victim, and what we can gather from police reports and witnesses to this tragic event. All information in tow, were able to approach the home insurance provider with a settlement offer. Should a homeowner lack insurance, we’ll approach them personally to see about getting compensation for the victim.

Should neither want to cooperate, Howard Craig Kornberg is the Glendale dog attack attorney negligent dog owners would rather not meet in court, because his ability to present a solid case often gets victims much greater settlement checks.

Hard to imagine that 42% of dog related deaths happen to children nine years of age and younger, with an additional 31% happening infants under six days old. While these statistics are related to negligence necessarily, they paint the dark picture of how dog temperament can change from moment to moment.

Howard Will Bite Back. Harder.

Contrary to popular belief, premises liability issues arise when a dog bites another individual. Since a dog is the responsibility of human beings, the person in charge of the dog that created personal injury to a victim is considered the premises. So, if you’re jogging down the bike path and some Doberman pincher breaks his leash and bites your leg, the person restraining the dog is considered liable because they’re acting as the dog’s premises.

Howard Craig Kornberg has extensive litigation experience dealing with premises liabilities. If you’ve suffered serious bite injuries, even contracting rabies during the incident, you may have a substantial premises liability case. Compensation is available for victims of dog bite attacks, but since dog bite attacks have strict statute of limitations, it’s important to contact a Glendale dog attack attorney today.