What Should You Avoid Doing When You Encounter Heavy Traffic

August 20, 2016
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Heavy traffic is something that many drivers here in the Los Angeles area are all too familiar with. When in heavy traffic, a driver may feel helpless, and that what they do behind the wheel really doesn’t have much of an effect on the situation. However, how drivers act can be incredibly impactful in heavy traffic situations.

For one, there are certain types of driver conduct that could up the chances of a high-traffic situation grinding down into a major slowdown. So, there are certain things it is generally best to avoid when one is in heavy traffic, including:

  • Changing lanes excessively.
  • Driving slower than appropriate in the left lane.
  • Failing to respond properly when two lanes go down to one (the generally recommended technique for such a situation is zippering).
  • Engaging in behavior that will lead to unnecessary braking.
  • Slowing down to look at crashes.

These sorts of things can unnecessarily slow traffic down and up frustration and congestion out on heavily traveled roads.

And, of course, one of the very most important things for drivers to avoid when in heavy traffic is driving unsafely. Even when traffic is slowed, dangerous conduct by a driver in high-traffic situations could cause others to get hurt. Whether traffic is heavy or light, driving safely should always be a person’s top priority when in the driver’s seat. Car crash lawyers can give legal help to people harmed by drivers who forgot this.

So, when in heavy traffic, it is important for Los Angeles-area drivers to remember that the actions they take matter, and to act accordingly behind the wheel.

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