DUI Causes Fatal Car Accident

March 13, 2019
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Everyone likes to have a good time. When Friday night arrives there is nothing better than getting out of your work clothes and dressing up in some fun and fancy clothes. Going out for dinner, watching a movie or dancing is a great way to get rid of the stress from the week. Getting a group of friends to gather can be frustrating as people get older due to other responsibilities, but when the moment is right and everyone can join in that’s a magical time. However, there is always someone who takes it too far. There is always someone who doesn’t consider anyone else’s fun but their own. That person drinks too much and thinks that they can do anything, but the truth is they can’t and they ruin the party for everyone.

An Unsuspecting Tragedy

Unfortunately, the story is all too common. People go out to party on a weekend night and someone gets hurt or killed due to a drunk driver sometime in the wee hours of the morning like 2 am. The story you don’t normally hear about is the one where a family gets hit in broad daylight. This is the story of a mother and children that were struck by a driver who was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The mother, grandmother, and her two 12-year old children were stopped on the side of the road due to an overheated car. A man in a pickup truck pulled over to assess the situation and help out in any way he could.

The mother called her husband to tell him what was happening. While the mother and older man were discussing what to do while the grandmother and the two children stayed in the car. Then a Nissan truck slammed into the pickup truck that was parked behind the overheated car. The Nissan hit so hard and fast that the parked truck completely jammed into the overheated car killing the grandmother and the two children instantly. The mother survived, but the older man died on sight too. The drunk driver in the Nissan was also taken to the hospital but was expected to survive. This horrible accident completely ruined the lives of so many people. It’s not just the immediate family that was impacted by friends and employers, but the community at large. When a family loses so many family members the excruciating emotional trauma is so hard to bounce back from.

What To Do

This is when you reach out to our car crash lawyers at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg in Los Angeles. We have an experienced lawyer who recognizes the challenges of dealing with a lawsuit while you are recovering or grieving. We have a reputation for success and a desire to maintain strong connections with our clients. Do not hesitate to call 310-997-0904 or click here to find more information about how we can seek justice for you at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg in Los Angeles.


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