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Whether you’re a driver or passenger, you’ve probably seen at least a dozen of car accidents in Riverside – both minor and severe ones.

Serious car crashes – usually involving injuries and fatalities – require the California Highway Patrol to close certain lanes or even roads to investigate the traffic collision and potentially prevent more multiple-vehicle accidents and car pileups.

But does closing lanes on Riverside highways or roads actually prevent car accidents or result in more collisions? This is the question we asked our Riverside car accident attorneys at Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg.

Why closing lanes leads to more car accidents

The CHP usually closes lanes in Riverside almost every day due to vehicle collisions or road construction works. One such incident took place earlier this week, when some lanes on the highway between San Jacinto and Beaumont were closed for about 30 minutes after a traffic collision.

Closing the lanes on the highway, which is a heavily used commute route during peak hours, caused terrible traffic jams stretching for miles all the way to California Avenue.

Our experienced car accident attorneys, who have investigated thousands of traffic collisions in California over the past over 35 years, have noted that closing lanes does result in more car accidents.

This can be explained by the fact that closing lanes creates traffic jams. Causing traffic jams – especially during peak hours – triggers a plethora of other factors that contribute to vehicle collisions:

  • Speeding (drivers that spent hours in traffic jams are more likely to speed to get to their destination faster)
  • Running red lights (spending an unreasonably long amount of time in jams prompts some drivers to run red lights)
  • Road rage (not everyone handles traffic jams calmly, which makes road rage and aggressive driving a widespread phenomenon during and after exhaustive traffic jams)
  • Unsafe lane changes (that can be especially dangerous when the highway or road is packed with cars)
  • Slowing down to stare at the car accident, which immediately turns the driver into a distracted driver (this can have the exact same effect as typing a text message on your phone while driving).

Why expanded roads with more lanes lead to collisions

Many residents of Riverside, Los Angeles and other cities in California have noticed a pattern: building bigger roads with more lanes actually makes traffic worse (and leads to more car accidents).

Our Riverside car accident lawyers at Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg have a legitimate explanation why this seemingly paradox phenomenon has resulted in countless traffic collisions in the biggest cities of our nation where roads have been expanded in recent decades.

Wider roads with more lanes allow people to move around, and this becomes a hazardous situation on the road, especially if the driver makes unsafe lane changes, which is one of the most common causes of car accidents, and fails to signal before changing the path of the car’s movement.

Not to mention that more lanes expand people’s ability to travel, putting even more drivers – both amateur and skilled ones – on the roads and highways of Riverside. More drivers equals a higher likelihood of getting into a car accident.
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