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Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Summer heat poses a threat to truck drivers and others

On behalf of The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg posted in Truck accidents

As with any extreme weather conditions, hot weather poses its own unique challenges to truck drivers. As a result, it can potentially be a dangerous time of year for truck drivers and others on the roads as well.

One of the things that can result from extremely hot weather is a blown tire. As the air inside tires heats up, it has the potential to go above the recommended tire pressure. If that happens, a tire blowout could occur. The debris from this could cause accidents, and depending on the tire that blows out, it’s possible to see the truck roll over.

Another thing to watch out for in the summer is dehydration. Driving long hours is hard on truck drivers, and adding heat to that makes it even more important that they get the right amount of sleep and good fluid intake. The trucks should have working air conditioning to help prevent the driver from overheating or suffering from heat exhaustion.

High winds are another concern during the summer months. High enough winds have the potential to force a truck onto its side. The wind can make it very hard for the driver to get the vehicle back under control, which could result in a roll-over accident or jackknife.

These dangers are not all unique to truck drivers, but they do make trucks extremely dangerous to others. If you’re involved in a truck accident, your attorney can help you start a claim for compensation. You’ve become a victim of negligence, you deserve to be heard and you deserve to get the money you need.


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