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Sunday, October 23, 2016
Safety tips for biking in L.A.

On behalf of The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg posted in Bicycle accidents

To say that the roads and streets of Los Angeles are busy would be an understatement. At any given time of any given day, countless vehicles are competing for the same stretches of roadway. When you are on a bicycle, this can make for a dangerous environment.

As a cyclist, there are measures you can take to be safer on L.A. roads. And although these tips will not completely eliminate bicycle accidents, it can certainly help to reduce your risk of severe injury.

Below are a few safety tips and survival tactics for the urban cyclist:

  • Wear your safety gear – Although there is controversy surrounding the use of helmets in the cycling world, wearing one can significantly reduce your risk of head injury against impacts up to 12.5 mph. Safety glasses made of shatterproof polycarbonate can protect your eyes from flying objects or when you fall. Finally, biking gloves can protect your hands from painful road rash in a fall.
  • Be seen – Make sure your helmet and jerseys are in colors that are easily visible to drivers. Use reflective tape and light kits to be seen while riding at night. At red lights, position yourself where you are visible to drivers on all sides of the road.
  • Use your voice – While it is nice to have a bell on your bicycle, it doesn’t really tell a car driver, other cyclist or pedestrian a very clear message. Tell people you are passing on their left or right, and shout “Look out!” or something similar to hopefully avoid collisions.
  • Use your body to turn – Rather than using the handlebars to turn, which can be slow to respond in an emergency situation, practice using your body to lean into your turns.
  • Be defensive – While riding, prepare for the worst case scenario. While it is likely not to occur, try to anticipate mistakes or unexpected actions drivers may take.

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