Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg Motorcycle accident

California’s highways are for all of us to share, whether we drive a four-wheeled vehicle or commercial truck, or if we ride a motorcycle. When motorists act with care and a sense of responsibility toward everyone else on the road, usually everybody gets to their destination safely.

But when a driver turns his or her vehicle into a weapon over some perceived slight, the results can be very serious. In a recent example, the California Highway Patrol believes a the driver of pickup truck intentionally swerved across three lanes in order to ram a motorcycle, causing a chain-reaction wreck that sent six people to various hospitals.

According to, the incident happened on the Foothill (210) Freeway in Los Angeles County on Apr. 16. Troopers said that six motorcycles were travelling in the carpool lane on the westbound side when the pickup “suddenly” crossed into their lane, striking one of the riders.

All six motorcycles got caught up in the wreck, and one of them hit a car. The riders were all seriously injured.

If, as CHP suggests, the pickup truck driver caused this violent crash on purpose, he or she could have been experiencing road rage. There is no excuse for purposely inflicting harm on other motorists, and incidents like this fit no true definition of “justice,” if indeed the truck driver was exacting “revenge.”

A driver does not have deliberately cause a collision in order to be legally responsible for other people’s resulting injuries. Reckless actions like speeding, running red lights and driving drunk can lead to liability in a car crash, even when the driver did not mean to hurt anybody.

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