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Southern California Heavy Equipment Construction Accident Attorney

Construction site accident occur throughout California each year, resulting in serious injuries that sometimes lead to permanent disability or death. Faulty equipment, deep holes, scaffolding, and electricity are all potential on-the-job hazards that may result in an accident and a personal injury lawsuit if negligence is found.

In maintaining a safe construction site, it is the responsibility of the employer to anticipate potential dangers and eliminate them before an injury occurs. This includes having equipment inspected regularly, providing adequate lighting, keeping the ground free of debris and unnecessary holes and implementing a strict, no-tolerance policy for irresponsible behavior.

The Consequences of a Construction Site Accident

Personal injury attorneys in Southern California specializing in negligence and workers’ compensation issues. They often represent workers who were involved in construction site accident and have suffered moderate-to-severe trauma including:

  • Brain damage
  • Amputation
  • Spinal-cord damage, including paralysis
  • Third-degree burns

Workers who become disabled or permanently disfigured from construction site accidents may be advised by their attorneys to proceed with lawsuits against their employers and collect financial compensation for their injuries. If faulty machinery was to blame, a product-liability lawsuit against the manufacturer may also be considered. Howard C. Kornberg specializes in workers’ compensation and severe injury cases for clients in Southern California. His clients have come to trust his representation and the persistent and assertive nature in which he fights on their behalf.

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