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What California boaters can learn from 2015's boating statistics

While California's weather is generally favorable to boaters all year, spring and summer do see an increase in the number of boats actually out in the water. The warmer weather, school breaks, vacation time and increasing daylight all give people more time to enjoy their hobby.

You can seek compensation for a wrongful death

With around 5 percent of people age 65 or older living in nursing homes, it's important to reduce the number of falls that take place to prevent injury, disability and death. Ten to 20 percent of falls result in serious injuries, with 2 to 6 percent resulting in fractures. Patients who suffer these injuries often take longer to heal and suffer a reduced quality of life. Their fear of falling in the future can also reduce their function and result in social isolation. Those who are severely injured may not survive a fall due to age and health factors.

Family says marijuana caused dad to kill mom

Medical marijuana is now legal in several U.S. states, including California. Like any other medication, marijuana can have side effects for some users. If a user is not warned by the manufacturer or distributor of those potential side effects and suffers negative consequences as a result, that could be the basis for a lawsuit.

More about wrongful death litigation

We have spoken before in this blog about wrongful death litigation, and why families of a person killed as a result of someone else’s negligence often choose to file suit. Though the circumstances of a wrongful death case are usually much more serious than the typical personal injury claim, the elements of a successful case are somewhat similar.

Widower files lawsuit for wife's death related to talcum powder

A man in California is fighting back after his wife's death. The man has filed a lawsuit claimin that his wife's ovarian cancer was caused by the talcum powder used in some Johnson & Johnson products. He is seeking unspecified damages for his wife's wrongful death with claims of negligence, strict product liability, breach of implied warranty, and fraud included in the case.

What is the purpose of a wrongful death lawsuit?

In most personal injury litigation, one of the plaintiffs is the person directly harmed, allegedly because of the defendant’s negligence. But in a wrongful death case, the victim’s suffering is over. It is his or her grieving family that brings the suit.

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