Poor conditions and wrongful death in California nursing homes

In this generation, thousands of people are facing the decision of placing their parents in nursing homes. Many in the elder generation now need assistance to perform simple daily tasks, and their children are seeking facilities with exceptional care. However, there seems to be an abundance of under-performing facilities throughout California, and many believe the issue is not being addressed adequately. One problem, according to the Sacramento Bee, is that a large number of homes have the same owners. This interconnected ownership has led to perpetuating similar problems across several facilities. In fact, many of the chains which own a majority of the homes in the state perform at below-average levels for state regulations. Some claim that the Department of Health is not enforcing regulations or following up on complaints sufficiently.

Earlier this year, CBS News reported a wrongful death allegation against a nursing home chain with 81 facilities, the largest in the state. A woman who was in reasonably good health was admitted into one of these nursing homes, and she died just over one month later. Accounts of her physical condition included dehydration and other concerning factors. This case sparked undercover investigations into the facilities, which allegedly revealed some unpleasant conditions for residents of the home. Another facility under the same owner was investigated and subsequently denied Medicaid eligibility due to the living conditions. While these are just two examples, the fact remains that elder care in California is severely lacking.

Families looking for a nursing home for loved ones should do their research into the owners of the facilities. Although the process may be tedious due to the complicated ownership structure, it is important to know as much about the home as possible in order to make a wise decision.

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