How safe are high-pedestrian/bicycle-traffic areas in Los Angeles?

Different parts of a city can vary greatly in how much pedestrian and bicycle traffic they get. One would hope that, here in Los Angeles, areas that trend on the higher side when it comes to such traffic would be among the safer ones in the city for bicyclists and pedestrians. Given how harmful bicycle or pedestrian accidents can be, one would hope that those who travel on popular bicycle or pedestrian routes in the city wouldn’t be put at a high risk for such accidents.

When a person is hurt in a traffic accident when they are out walking or biking, whether they were on a popular or less-traveled route, they may want to meet with a skilled personal injury lawyer. Consulting with such a lawyer can help victims of such accidents get a firm idea of their options.

Unfortunately, a recent report indicates that L.A.’s most popular pedestrian and bicyclist routes trend towards the unsafe side. The report was on the Los Angeles Bicycle and Pedestrian Count. This count was done in September of last year and looked at bicycle and pedestrian levels at various locations in the city.

According to the report, a vast majority of the areas that the count indicated saw the most pedestrian and bicycle traffic were also identified as areas where injury/fatality likelihood was high. Every one of the top 30 pedestrian areas was identified as having this higher risk while 80 percent of the top 30 bicycle areas were.

Many things could reduce the safety level of a given area for those who are walking or biking. What do you think are the biggest contributors to the higher risk at many popular pedestrian and bicycle areas in L.A.? What would you recommend for helping make these areas safer?

Source: Los Angeles Sentinel, “Report: L.A.’S Most Popular Streets Also Most Unsafe,” Nov. 23, 2016

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