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Is Pokemon Go the latest cause of distracted driving crashes?

For many cellphone app-based game enthusiasts, the new game Pokemon Go is the latest fun diversion. For the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the game is just another way for motorists to take their focus off the road, where it belongs.

California lawmaker moves to legalize motorcycle lane splitting

Back in April, we discussed a study of lane splitting by the University of California - Berkeley. As readers may recall, the study concluded that lane splitting, or the practice of motorcyclists riding between lanes of four-wheeled traffic on the highway, does not raise the risk of a collision.

Los Angeles postal workers learn self-defense against dog bites

It’s an old joke that United States Postal Service workers are constantly getting chased off their appointed rounds by neighborhood dogs. But it’s not funny to mail carriers who have been the victim of dog bites while on the job.

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