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How does the law deal with dangerous dogs in California?

In our blog post about dog bites a few weeks ago, we referred to “vicious dogs” attacking and injuring people. (You can read that post here.) In California, “vicious dog” is a legal designation applied to certain dogs, which can lead to authorities requiring the dog be restrained or destroyed.

Driver may have caused 6-motorcycle wreck on purpose

California’s highways are for all of us to share, whether we drive a four-wheeled vehicle or commercial truck, or if we ride a motorcycle. When motorists act with care and a sense of responsibility toward everyone else on the road, usually everybody gets to their destination safely.

What is the purpose of a wrongful death lawsuit?

In most personal injury litigation, one of the plaintiffs is the person directly harmed, allegedly because of the defendant’s negligence. But in a wrongful death case, the victim’s suffering is over. It is his or her grieving family that brings the suit.

1 killed when airplane crashes into car on California freeway

A bizarre and tragic airplane-car accident south of Los Angeles appears to have been caused by mechanical failure in the plane, the California Highway Patrol believes. One person inside the car was killed, while the pilot sustained life-threatening injuries.

LAPD launches anti-distracted driving billboard campaign

The Los Angeles Police Department is fighting distracted driving, and with good reason. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, L.A. is the second-worst city in the country for pedestrian accident fatalities, with 99 deaths in 2012 alone. The city is also notorious for hit-and-run crashes; about 20,000 drivers flee the accident scene each year, often while their victims lay helpless, badly injured.

Holding the owner responsible after a dog bite incident

Californians love their dogs. Residents across the state own pet dogs, most of which are well-trained, friendly and carefully monitored by their owners while out of the house. But not all dogs are safe to be around people, and sometimes people get attacked by vicious dogs.

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