Seeking Justice For Dangerous Household Products

Everyone relies on countless products everyday to make their lives more efficient, enjoyable or comfortable. Kitchen appliances make preparing meals and cleaning up after less of a chore. We rely on smoke detectors to help protect our families from fire-related injuries. Mornings may include a cup of coffee; the evening may be the perfect time to browse the Internet or use other entertainment devices.

Manufacturers flood the market with products that we can use for personal, hygiene, health, entertainment, personal safety and every other imaginable activity. Tragically, they do not always exercise due care to ensure that their goods are designed or manufactured to promote safety. A defect in a circuit, the design of a child's toy or other household goods can make these tools of convenience, comfort and efficiency into a personal injury nightmare.

The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg is a powerhouse personal injury law firm in Los Angeles that is deeply concerned about the community. Dangerous products injure far too many innocent people in Southern California, and we are devoted to holding big business accountable for negligence. Often a defective household good is the result of a company's desire to rush a product to market. Components and switches may be chosen to save the company a few cents. The cheap component may not be able to handle the current, creating a fire hazard.

A Proven Lawyer In Los Angeles With A Solid Track Record Of Results

We fight hard to win every case. Our 35 years of experience is invaluable for Californians who have suffered serious personal injuries from defective household products, including:

  • Washing machines and dryers exploding, leaking and causing fires
  • Kitchen appliances, including stoves, garbage disposals coffee makers and more
  • Defective kitchenware
  • Defective tools
  • Dangerous toys, cribs and other children's products
  • Defective smoke detectors that fail to warn of a fire
  • Gas grills that can explode
  • Toxic cleaning products that fail to warn of hazardous chemicals
  • Hair dryers that can cause burn injuries or electrocutions
  • Lawn mowers, garden equipment and power tools
  • Defective ladders and step stools
  • Defective food products

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